Double G Boer Goats For Sale





She-Ra is a Purebred (98%) Boer red paint doeling born 8/21/17.

She is out of a black dam (ABGA # 10682589) and our red sire, Cooper (ABGA # 10673226).

She-Ra is on the KGPA Swing into Spring sale as lot 102.


Boer Goat Doe Spanky-1 Boer Goat Doe Spanky-2 Boer Goat Doe Spanky-3




Alexandra was born 1/1/13, her ABGA number is 10709669. Her teat structure is 1 and 1.

Her price is $600.


Boer Goat Doe Alenandra-1 Boer Goat Doe Alenandra-2 Boer Goat Doe Alenandra-3




Thyme is a commercial doe born 4/16. Her sire is either ABGA number 10720091 or 10720090.

Her price is $450.



Boer Goat Doe Thyme-1 Boer Goat Doe Thyme-2



Boer Doe Celia



Celia is a fullblood Boer doe, AGBA number 10718768. She was born 3/4/15. Her teat structure is 1 and 1.

Her price is $450.




This is Dixie. Her DOB is 1/23/15. She is a fullblood doe out of Joe and Ariel. We are waiting on her ABGA number.

Her price is $350.

Boer Doe Dixie
Boer Doe Spice



Spice is a 75% ABGA red Boer doe born 3/4/08. Her ABGA # is 10443126. She has produced mostly paint offspring, who have been shown in 4-H fairs. Her price is $450.




Apache is a Purebred (99%) Boer doe born 1/26/17. She is out of our black and white doe, Bestus, and our red buck, Cooper. Her ABGA number is 10763878. Her price is $750.


Boer Doe Apache
Boer Doe Storm



Storm is a Fullblood Boer doe born 3/18/14. Her ABGA number is 10689308. When bred to our red buck, she has produced paint kids. When bred to a traditional buck, she produced traditional kids. Her price is $650.